Sunday, July 8, 2007

Freitag, I'd sell my own Mother for a second bag. Joke, Mum, ok?

Freitag is becoming somewhat of an obsession with me. When ever I catch sight (of wiff of that tarpaulin scent) I can't help but crane my neck or go and stare at the bags design. I'm compeled to check them out where ever I go. So when we went back to their Zurich shop I spent a heady 45 minutes drinking in the sights, while Hiromi 'Um'ed and 'Ah'ed about the weighty price tag. After an hour and a half and two shops of Freitag she succombed to the devilish works of the Freitag Bros.
She is now the proud owner of a Dexter F14, and what a beauty. While my friends were here more goods were also purchased and only yesterday I found myself back in a couple of shops handling the goods looking for a new wallet, and here she is! What a beauty! For future gift ideas please visit Freitag at:


Go on, you know you want one.


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